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Steve combines an engaging, challenging approach with a deep understanding of behaviour and organisations.
Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director, Oxfam

Key Services

Team Building & Facilitated Events

We provide support and challenge to top teams. We help Boards and Senior Management Teams to address priority issues. These could concerned with:

  • Team relationships

  • Team effectiveness

  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Strategic focus

  • Development of policy issues

Board Coaching/Board Training and Development

We help Boards/top teams to focus both on their interpersonal behaviour and also developing key aspects of corporate governance and strategic leadership. Board effectiveness is enhanced by providing individual and whole team development programmes.

Clients include the Healthcare Commission, Equal Opportunities Commission, DCFS, Lexis PR and a BBC business.

Team Building

A range of tools and approaches are used. Psychometric tools, including Myers Briggs and FIRO-B have been used very effectively in addition to bespoke events designed to develop relationships, ways of working and clarity about achieving team effectiveness

Facilitated Events

We run Away Days and Retreats for Boards, SMTs and whole organisations. Always trying to create an atmosphere which allows senior people to be reflective and to think strategically, we use a range of facilitation techniques and strategic/systemic learning technologies to get the best outcomes for the event. In addition to facilitating the process, we can provide knowledge inputs for example on leading change or feedback research findings.

On a number of occasions we have researched the effectiveness of SMTs using Appreciative Inquiry methods and used the data to assess how they can enhance their collective leadership.

Large scale events we have been run include the whole of Postcomm’s staff, the 3 day senior leadership Retreat for the top 60 leaders in IAEA and the whole senior manager group at Companies House.

Key Services

Executive Coaching
We provide the right coach who can select the best way of helping senior managers to tackle difficult leadership challenges

Top Team Development
Top Teams have special requirements. We can facilitate them in reviewing the strategy, culture and leadership of their organization. Also, we can help them to work together more effectively and lead by example.

Corporate Programmes
We design and run large programmes to develop the leadership capacity and effectiveness of UK and international organizations.

We help organisations to develop - from designing a major change to evaluation or writing competencies. We select the most appropriate approach from a range of systemic and OD methodologies.

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