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Steve combines an engaging, challenging approach with a deep understanding of behaviour and organisations.
Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director, Oxfam

Key Services


Our approach is to help senior people to establish their development agenda and enable them to utilise their own experience and resources to tackle issues. The effectiveness of our executive coaching service is based on:

  • Selecting from a range of coaching methodologies the approach best suited to the style and needs of the coachee

  • Having a deep understanding of the challenges of leadership at a senior level

  • Providing an up to date knowledge of key ideas in leadership and interpersonal psychology

  • Utilising the learning gained from coaching senior managers in all sectors at Board and Ministerial levels.

What is it?

Executive coaching helps individuals to perform better and thus enables the organisation to achieve its objectives. Senior managers are required to reflect on their performance, generate new understanding and options for action, and put their choices into action. It assumes that people have the potential to perform at a higher level. The coach helps managers to tackle situations with confidence, based on a sound appreciation of their skills, just as high performing athletes do.

How can it help me?

It can help managers with a range of situations, which might include personal development (career, recruitment, values), leadership challenges (change, strategy, culture, top teams), relationship issues (peers, bosses, external stakeholders, direct reports) and evaluation of significant events (presentation, project, end of a job).

How does it work?

The coach and coachee build a relationship where the coach provides both challenge and support. The coachee’s beliefs, assumptions, ambitions and concerns are explored to understand how the coachee sees their current situation. Goals for the coaching are set and options for tackling issues are generated. Options are based on previous situations where the coachee has been successful using their full range of knowledge, skills and experience. The coach uses a range of technical tools, models and perspectives appropriate to the situation and the coachee. The approach is essentially solution focused.

How long does it take?

A key principle is minimal intervention, so the coaching will only last as long as it is needed. Where a coachee wants to tackle a very specific issue, coaching could be completed in 2-3 sessions over a short period of time. Where there is a developmental agenda, there could be many more sessions over a longer period.

What are the outcomes?

The coachee can expect to have a clearer understanding of their situation and a commitment to a course of action.

What do I have to do?

The coachee needs to want to tackle their agenda, to set goals, be prepared to learn and be challenged, and to undertake work between sessions.

Individual clients include:

Government Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Chief Executives and senior managers from all sectors.

Corporate clients include :

Corporate clients requiring provision of 360˚ feedback and/or coaching to many managers include NAO, Ofsted, Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Key Services

Executive Coaching
We provide the right coach who can select the best way of helping senior managers to tackle difficult leadership challenges

Top Team Development
Top Teams have special requirements. We can facilitate them in reviewing the strategy, culture and leadership of their organization. Also, we can help them to work together more effectively and lead by example.

Corporate Programmes
We design and run large programmes to develop the leadership capacity and effectiveness of UK and international organizations.

We help organisations to develop - from designing a major change to evaluation or writing competencies. We select the most appropriate approach from a range of systemic and OD methodologies.

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