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Steve combines an engaging, challenging approach with a deep understanding of behaviour and organisations.
Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director, Oxfam



Learnlab is guided in its practice by some basic values:

  • We follow the Code of Practice of the British Psychological Society
  • Our work is informed by psychological disciplines
  • We aim to provide the minimum intervention to have the best effect
  • We strive to make a difference for our clients
  • We always aspire to build a relationship with our clients based on partnership and collaboration.


Learnlab follows some key principles in the way we work with our clients

  • We aim to manage a process and create an environment where our clients can learn about the way they make sense of their situation, generate options and make choices
  • We add applied psychology, information, knowledge, experience as inputs where necessary to facilitate that process
  • We select from a range of psychological approaches those which suit the client and what they want to achieve, and do not impose a single methodology.

At Learnlab, we draw on a range of approaches. Underpinning all our work is a base in psychology and allied disciplines. For example we use systemic approaches in consultation, especially Soft Systems Methodology (SSM); coaching and consultation is informed by solution focused thinking; leadership programmes by adult learning approaches. We select the approach which is right for the client and call on expertise from the associate network where needed.

Key Services

Executive Coaching
We provide the right coach who can select the best way of helping senior managers to tackle difficult leadership challenges

Top Team Development
Top Teams have special requirements. We can facilitate them in reviewing the strategy, culture and leadership of their organization. Also, we can help them to work together more effectively and lead by example.

Corporate Programmes
We design and run large programmes to develop the leadership capacity and effectiveness of UK and international organizations.

We help organisations to develop - from designing a major change to evaluation or writing competencies. We select the most appropriate approach from a range of systemic and OD methodologies.

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