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Steve combines an engaging, challenging approach with a deep understanding of behaviour and organisations.
Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director, Oxfam

What Our Clients Say

Executive Coaching

"I've worked with Steve over a number of years and his counsel and advice have been instrumental in my career development. His coaching is highly prized by everyone who gets to work with him and I simply cannot recommend him highly enough."

Margot Raggett, CEO, Lexis PR

"In his coaching Steve achieves exactly the right balance - at times he has challenged me and made me question my own thinking and performance, while at other moments he has provided support and encouragement that has helped me through some really difficult circumstances. I owe him a great deal."

Claire Clancy, Chief Executive and Clerk of the Assembly , National Assembly for Wales

"Steve has been my personal coach for 5 years and has helped me greatly in developing my leadership style and skills. He has an excellent understanding of central government, and is great to work with"

Joanathan Rees, Director General Government Equalities Office

"I'm not sure I'd be in my present wonderful job without Steve's help. His coaching has given me such insights, support and confidence in my leadership roles over the last few years. Steve combines an engaging, challenging approach with a deep understanding of behaviour and organisations. This has enabled me to value and use my strengths within my organisation and to be less afraid of my weaknesses - rather to use my weaknesses to garner others support and lead in a way that not only plays to my strengths, but allows space for my team!!"

Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director, Oxfam

"The confidence your support gave me really helped me to get this job"

"He manages to make you confront things in yourself while persuading you this is a pleasant thing to do"

Facilitation / Consultation

"Presentation excellent' concentrating on key elements moving on where necessary rather than sticking to a script, energetic and ability to enthuse audience"

"You have been of enormous help to me and the Office. We are a better place thanks to you."

"Steve challenged all my assumptions about his profession. I would recommend him without hesitation and will use him myself because I trust his knowledge, professionalism and his application"

"Steve has a great way of asking questions that reveal you to yourself. He has given us great support, encouragement and extraordinary empathy"

Leadership Programmes

"Fantastically well delivered' I couldn’t imagine the programme being delivered by anyone else"

"Steve did a great job' I have seen the change in myself through the programme"

"He has immense knowledge and an ability to convey it with humour and sensitivity"

"He seems to have a genuine interest in people of all different types and makes each one feel valued and interesting"

"He is the only ‘trainer’ I’ve ever met who can give practical answers/suggestions when pressed. He has both insight and understanding of his subject and his people"

Case Studies

Commission A
We have been working with the Senior Management Team since the Commission was established in April 2004.

Commission B
We began working with the Senior Management Team in April 2005 with an introductory away day workshop using MBTI.

The Department Of Trade and Industry (DTI)
We started working with DTI in 2000 in association with the Civil Service College/National School for Government, designing and supplying development centres for all senior civil servants (SCS) in the Department.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
We have been working on a leadership programme for the IAEA over the past two years.

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