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Steve combines an engaging, challenging approach with a deep understanding of behaviour and organisations.
Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director, Oxfam

About Us

Steve Turner Learnlab

Learnlab Limited, formerly The Learning Laboratory Limited, was established in 1999 by Steve Turner

The aim has always been to provide an outstanding service to our clients by exploiting our 4 key strengths:
  • A deep understanding of the experience and challenge of leading organisations, starting with our own experience in leadership 
  • An up-to-date knowledge of the latest thinking in management and leadership
  • A theoretical base in applied psychology and the ability to apply that knowledge with expert process skills to facilitate learning and change for clients
  • A superb track record of providing our services across all sectors and especially to UK Government and United Nations Agencies

Steve Turner

Steve has the experience of lecturing and running psychology services in the field for 20 years. As Principal Lecturer at the Civil Service College/National School for Government, Steve ran open programmes for senior civil servants and bespoke solutions for corporate clients.

Prior to setting up Learnlab, Steve was Chief Executive of EAR Ltd, the UKs largest provider of employee assistance programmes (EAPs).

Steve is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a founding member of the BPS Special Group in Coaching and an associate lecturer at East London Business School.


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Key Services

Executive Coaching
We provide the right coach who can select the best way of helping senior managers to tackle difficult leadership challenges

Top Team Development
Top Teams have special requirements. We can facilitate them in reviewing the strategy, culture and leadership of their organization. Also, we can help them to work together more effectively and lead by example.

Corporate Programmes
We design and run large programmes to develop the leadership capacity and effectiveness of UK and international organizations.

We help organisations to develop - from designing a major change to evaluation or writing competencies. We select the most appropriate approach from a range of systemic and OD methodologies.

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